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February Newsletter

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I think everyone's goals this year will be to wake up and start living again. As soon as the world opens up, I think we will all be on the road. These are my top 3 goals: 


  • 2021 release of 2 more Honey Creek novels (Picnic in Someday Valley & Dinner on Primrose Hill)

  • Writing the 4th and last Honey Creek... To be released in 2022.

  • Party with my grandkids!! 


Hope your goal is to step into the Honey Creek Series!

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Take advantage of this awesome Goodreads Giveaway until February 20th!  



A new release in Christian contemporary western romance from Natalie Bright and Denise F. McAllister.

These ladies know ranching and horses!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!!

May this be a year of remembering past and present friends and loves!


These flowers sent February 15 from my sweet husband our first year of marriage.

I will cherish and keep this note forever!! 

May your Valentine's be full of love and laughter!