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3 Ways to Triumph With Your Writing Dreams

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

I wanted to share my cemetery story with you this week in honor of Halloween. It isn’t scary in a traditional way, but it was a frightening moment in my writing journey, one where I nearly talked myself out of pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. It taught me a powerful lesson. 

The part I wanted you to watch starts in the minute 2 mark, but feel free to rewind for the entire conversation. 

The interview starts with me entering a writing contest before I was a published author. I had worked so hard on the book and went to the awards ceremony with high hopes of winning. The book that later won a RITA didn’t even place in this contest.

I was driving home deciding that I wasn’t meant to be a writer and stopped at a cemetery to clear my head and found a message in the strangest place.

Watch the interview here to find out how I found triumph through perseverance.

We all run into roadblocks in working towards our dreams. I truly believe that is what separates successful writers from those who throw in the towel boils down to three things.

1. Perseverance – Even when you feel like quitting, your next victory may be right around the corner. Don’t let small roadblocks stop you before you reach your goals.

2. Take risks – Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Enter a contest, attend an event to network with other authors, set up a talk about your book at the local library. Taking risks helps you grow whether it is a good experience that builds your confidence, or teaches you an important lesson.

3. Hard work – If what you are doing isn’t bringing results, spend more time on learning the craft, put in the blood sweat and tears to reach your goals.   


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