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I hope this season finds you celebrating the love you share with your friends and family. I will be taking some time to enjoy my family, and I hope you will too.

I am so excited to announce the winners of my two December contests. What a way to celebrate my readers that I am so grateful for.

There is one winner for each of the twelve days of Christmas as a way to give back to my wonderful readers who are so active on Facebook. I hope you all enjoy the two stories from Debbie Macomber and me. If you’ve not won, you can find the book here:


DAY 1- Wendy Dennison DAY 2 - Jacqulyn Horton Owens DAY 3 - Paula Rollins DAY 4- Amanda Toney DAY 5 - Stacy Nelson DAY 6 - Jamie Onderisin DAY 7 - Louetta Harryman DAY 8 - Beth Williamson DAY 9 - Susan Gray DAY 10- Donamae Clausen Kutska DAY 11 - Leigh Anne Sheridan DAY 12- Myra Mead

The winner for the romantically festive basket of three holiday books is

Myrna M from Tallahassee, Florida! Congratulations! If you’d like to check out these books you can find them here:

Mistletoe Miracles:

Season of Wonder:

The Christmas Key:

We will need your mailing addresses so feel free to email me at to claim your prize. We will also be reaching out to you.

I hope the best for you and yours in 2019!

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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

I wanted to share my cemetery story with you this week in honor of Halloween. It isn’t scary in a traditional way, but it was a frightening moment in my writing journey, one where I nearly talked myself out of pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. It taught me a powerful lesson. 

The part I wanted you to watch starts in the minute 2 mark, but feel free to rewind for the entire conversation. 

The interview starts with me entering a writing contest before I was a published author. I had worked so hard on the book and went to the awards ceremony with high hopes of winning. The book that later won a RITA didn’t even place in this contest.

I was driving home deciding that I wasn’t meant to be a writer and stopped at a cemetery to clear my head and found a message in the strangest place.

Watch the interview here to find out how I found triumph through perseverance.

We all run into roadblocks in working towards our dreams. I truly believe that is what separates successful writers from those who throw in the towel boils down to three things.

1. Perseverance – Even when you feel like quitting, your next victory may be right around the corner. Don’t let small roadblocks stop you before you reach your goals.

2. Take risks – Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Enter a contest, attend an event to network with other authors, set up a talk about your book at the local library. Taking risks helps you grow whether it is a good experience that builds your confidence, or teaches you an important lesson.

3. Hard work – If what you are doing isn’t bringing results, spend more time on learning the craft, put in the blood sweat and tears to reach your goals.   


Join me along with seven other amazing writers in a chance to win our books. Click here to enter:

Grand prize—a signed copy of all seven authors’ books will be won by one reader!

Plus seven readers will each win one of the prizes the authors are giving away on their featured day:

Enter below the books for a chance to win Festival prizes!

Don't forget to pick up my latest book:

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My Thoughts on Mornings on Main

I wanted to share a little video I created about Mornings on Main that released last spring. (You can find it here if you’ve not read it yet: 

Mornings on Main is the first book in this series and it has been really well received with readers with 4.5 out of five stars. My publishers were so happy with the results that they asked me to create a sequel, The Little Teashop on Main, that is coming out next spring with a few of the same characters plus new faces in the mix. I’m so excited that it is already available for pre-order here if you are eager to get your copy.

Buns and Roses Romance Tea

The Buns and Roses Romance Tea for literacy this past weekend was so much fun. Thank you to all the readers who came out to support literacy for the Richardson Adult Literacy Center.

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