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The Beat in New York City

I’m very excited to share with you an interview I participated on a show called “24 Frames,” produced by a local PBS affiliate KTTZ that aired on September 15. I was so busy with the launch of my latest book I wasn’t able to share this with you earlier.

This episode features, along with my interview, conversations with authors Linda Broday, Mary Andrews, Mathis B. Rogers, and Brandon Beck, Editor-in-Chief of West Texas Literary Review.

It was a lot of fun to sit down and chat about how my characters become very real to me, as if they’ve walked into my office and start telling me their story. I also talk about how my writing started with historical romances before I moved to mainstream with Mornings on Main last spring.

Click the link below and listen to our stories as writers and editors. I think you will find it very compelling.

Had a great time in New York City. Went to the coolest French restaurant and had a great lunch with my agent Gail Fortune. We've been together as first editor and now agent for over 25 years! I also saw something very unusual there too - a unicorn truck!

I returned to the Broadway play Wicked for the third time and loved, loved, loved it, just like I have every time! Of course, I did a lot of walking down the streets of New York and on the last night my feet really were hurting, but my heart loves the beat in New York City too much.

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